7 Signs You Rocked the Interview

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Most job candidates walk away from a job interview feeling like they either rocked the interview or totally bombed. Truth is, unless the interview ends with the hiring manager asking "When can your start?", there's no way to tell if you landed the job. However, there are seven signs that indicate your interview went well and a job offer might be coming your way.

1. Interview Lasted Longer Than Scheduled

One sign that you rocked the interview is when the interview runs longer than scheduled. Hiring managers are busy, so if they invested additional time and energy toward learning more about you, your past job experiences and your educational background, they are likely considering you as a strong candidate.

2. Interviewer Appeared to Enjoy the Conversation

If the hiring manager seemed to enjoy conversing with you, then you likely rocked the interview. Did the interviewer smile frequently and maintain eye contact with you throughout the meeting? Did he lean in toward you while speaking, engage in small chit-chat or even attempt to make a joke? If you can answer "yes" to these questions, you likely won over the recruiter.

3. Inquiry About Other Job Prospects

When an interviewer is seriously considering you for a job, he'll ask if you're actively interviewing with other companies or if you're currently considering any job offers. This inquiry is a sign you rocked the interview, as it shows the employer wants to know how quickly he needs to move if he wants to keep you from slipping away.

4. Interviewer Initiated Discussion About Salary

Salary discussions can be awkward, particularly if the interviewee brings up the topic. Therefore, if you're asked "What are your salary expectations?" or "How can we match your current salary?", that's a good sign since hiring managers don't bring up salary unless they're seriously considering you for the job.

5. Interviewer Requested Your References

If the interviewer requested your professional references, you should feel pretty confident about the interview. Hiring managers won't waste time contacting former employers to inquire about your performance, abilities or skills if you're not a strong job candidate.

6. You Were Introduced to the Team

When a hiring manager takes time to introduce you to his team members or any decision-makers in the company, he likely considers you to be a potential good fit for the organization. He might want feedback on their first impressions of you or may want to see how you interact with other members of the organization before making a decision.

7. Invitation for a Second Interview

The easiest way to tell if you rocked the interview is if you are asked to return for a second interview. A busy hiring manager would not invite you back or waste any more time speaking to you if he wasn't considering you for the job.

While these seven signs don't guarantee a job offer, they are indicators you likely won over the hiring manager. Even if you rocked the interview and have a strong feeling you might get the job, it's still important to follow up with the hiring manager by sending a thank you note and reiterating your interest in the position and strong desire to be part of the team.

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