6 Must-Do's For a Fabulous Cover Letter

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Submitting a well-written cover letter is a crucial part of your job search. You only have one chance to impress potential employers with your initial application. You may not see the importance of including an introductory letter with application materials, but by providing more information about your skills and experience, you can stand out from the rest of the candidates. It's therefore important to make a solid first impression.

1. Sell Yourself

A cover letter should not just repeat information that is included on your resume. It should show some insight into your interest in the company, your expertise and your personality, explains HigherEd Jobs. Maintain a professional tone while outlining how you would fit in well and be an asset to the company because you have the desired experience and skills.

2. Be Specific

Avoid writing vague phrases or industry jargon that does not clearly outline your skills and experience. Highlight proficiencies with equipment, computer software and any processes that are related to the job. Make sure your job materials support these claims and provide evidence of any accomplishments related to the industry.

3. Keep it Concise

There is no need to make your cover letter an essay. Keep it brief, preferably a single page. The letter is only there to provide a snapshot of who you are professionally, and hiring managers scour through hundreds of applications each week. Don't waste a potential employer's time by rambling on.

4. Send a PDF

PDF is the most commonly accepted file type for application materials. Most employers have access to Adobe Reader or a similar PDF reader. Convert your resume and cover letter into a single PDF file and attach it to the application database or covering email when applying for a job.

5. Customize

Hiring managers can spot a cover letter template in seconds. Show that you have put in time and effort by customizing each letter. Supply specific information about the position and the company. Show that you have researched the business by referencing how your skills and experience match the qualifications detailed in the job description and any company standards. Address the letter to a specific hiring manager and customize all application materials to show that you are not just sending form letters.

6. Proofread

Thoroughly proof all application materials to make sure they are free from any spelling, grammatical or punctuation errors. Letters and resumes with errors communicate that the applicants submitting them are unprofessional and careless, which can lead hiring managers to reject their applications immediately.

A cover letter is a crucial element of the application process. It allows you to sell yourself and prove why you are the ideal candidate. Make a good first impression by providing a call to action within the letter that prompts the employer to request an interview.

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