5 Ways Advancing Your Nursing Education Expands Employment Options as a Nurse

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Advancing your degree is rarely a bad thing. In the current job market for nurses today is a great time to consider expanding your options and upgrading your degree. Nurses are in demand today but 5 years from now there will be a critical shortage. This fact carries powerful implications for nursing students today or those who are considering going back to school. 1. Builds Confidence This is one of those unexpected results of earning an advanced degree. There is something special that goes along with that extra boost of skill and knowledge. It doesn't matter if you're advancing from an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) to ADN (Associate's Degree Nurse) or if you're going all out and working towards an MSN (Master's Degree in Nursing) or becoming an NP (Nurse Practitioner) the sense of accomplishment that is gained by a little additional education is priceless. 2. Sets Stage for Future Accomplishments Once you start on the path to advanced degrees and certifications others will begin to take notice. There is nothing that will get the attention of people who may be willing to invest in your future that matches allowing them to watch you invest in your own future. In other words, once people begin to notice your efforts for improvement they will be more likely to offer assistance as you work to improve. There's no need to stop with one accomplishment when the sky is the limit. 3. More Money and Enjoy Better Security While this is not the primary motivation for most nurses seeking advanced degrees it certainly doesn't hurt. In this economy it doesn't hurt to have a leg up in any possible field. An advanced degree not only makes you more competitive for higher salaries but also places you in a position where your unique skills and abilities are in greater demand. In other words it's more than just money but also job security that is gained with advanced education in the field of nursing. The higher the degree you've earned; the greater the pay, demand, and job security. 4. Personal Satisfaction In addition to the confidence that is built by advancing your degree there is no small amount of personal satisfaction that can be enjoyed when you make a move like this that improves your skills, earning potential, and self worth. This is the all around package and one that many women turn their backs on in exchange for family obligations, financial needs, and countless other commitments and needs along the way. Going back to school at any age is a major change. When the rewards offer this much potential, the decision is a lot easier to make. 5. Growing Demand The elderly make up a healthy percentage of the patients that any nurse sees in a given day. With the "Baby Boomers" aging fast there is a greater demand now than ever before for qualified nurses to care for the old and infirm. Income opportunities abound and as more and more people realize the potential that nursing as a career represents there will be greater competition. Getting ahead of the curve for education and experience today will put you in a much better place 5 or 10 years from now when the demand for nurses, particular specialized nurses, reaches critical mass.

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